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Who are we?

Wellness Institutional Network is a company dedicated to transform lives by improving people’s bodies and financial health, which translates into an improved Wellness Life Experience

Essential oil application methods have grown and improved over time.

As research continues, its benefits and methods of use are better understood.

Learn about some of the properties of doTERRA essential oils themselves that can improve your quality of daily life.

Do not spend on illness,

invest in your health


    They soften pain like Deep Blue® and Helichrysum.


They mitigate the excitement in the brain, bringing calm like Lavender.


They counteract inflammation like citrus fruits: Orange and Lemon.


and healing

They improve the regeneration and healing of the skin such as Incense and Geranium.


They activate circulation like Cypress and Rosemary.


They have the ability to destroy resistant germs like Oregano and Tea Tree.


They act on digestion, reducing belly swelling like Basil and Mint.


Your health is an investment, not an expense

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